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Quebec Interdisciplinary Arts Network (RAIQ)

The Quebec Interdisciplinary Arts Network (RAIQ) was born out of a series of meetings that took place over the past year and brought together over fifty major interdisciplinary artists in Quebec.

Mission and Objectives:

The RAIQ aims to bring together artists, arts organizations and companies working in the interdisciplinary arts in Quebec to ensure representation on all levels. The RAIQ aims to nurture the development of its members and of different interdisciplinary practices, by initiating activities that promote research and experimentation, such as conferences, studies, training and networking events.

The RAIQ’s current priorities are to:

  • Solicit more funding for interdisciplinary practices on behalf of its members, from all government levels (federal, provincial and municipal);
  • To collect funds via fundraising, grants and from membership fees in order to be able to realize the Network’s objectives;
  • Maintain amongst its members a high level of professionalism in the production and presentation of interdisciplinary arts;
  • Offer educational activities relating to the organization, administration and presentation of interdisciplinary practices;
  • Promote, on all levels, interdisciplinary arts through publications, publicity, press relations etc.;
  • Recruit interested members, consolidate and promote the organization;
  • Communicate with other associations and active organizations at the national and international level;
  • Sustain the intellectual and physical infrastructure required to support the previously mentioned;
  • Reflect upon and develop a definition of interdisciplinary practices;
  • Prioritise public education campaigns for a better understanding of interdisciplinary arts, within schools, public spaces and other appropriate spaces;
  • Promote, encourage and sustain interdisciplinary arts in Quebec in a general manner.

To become a member of the RAIQ:

Interdisciplinary artists and arts organizations that wish to become members of the RAIQ are invited to submit a written application which should include the following documents:

  • a letter of intention containing :
    • an introduction to the organization or to the work of the artist that demonstrates the organization's or artist's interdisciplinarity
    • the organization's or artist's reasons for wishing to join the RAIQ
  • a completed application form
  • the membership fee that corresponds to the appropriate category of membership
  • any other documents deemed useful for us to get to know your work (i.e: CV, etc.)

To reach the Regroupement des Arts Interdisciplinaires du Québec:

Michel DesJardins, coordinator

T el: 514-380-3093 (office hours: Monday and Tuesday)
E mail:

Mailing address:
372 Sainte-Catherine west
studio 303
Montréal, Québec
H3B 1A2

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