Christian Messier

Province:  Québec
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Thinking is a jump from reason to reality. When you are in the air, you are thinking. Art is a jump from reality to the reason. When you are in the air, you are an artist. This is the most important. After that, there is performance. If you give sens to actions, to rythme, to presence, you are living a performance. If you give actions, rythme or presence to sens, you are making performance. An artist is somebody who is playing with the real. More, he is talking the language of the real.

I am talking the language of my own body and his presence. There is a lot of possibility. I can vomit, I can feel pain, I can breath, I can be frosing, I can talk, scream, cry, eat, hurt myself, use the force of my body, endurence, presence, absence, etc. but the most important is to give possibility to make sens.

I am living and working at Québec city and just finish my master degree at Laval University. I am also very involved in Le Lieu, the art center of Richard Martel, with whom I am sometimes travelling. I have participate recently at some exchanges in Poland, Ireland, Argentina and soon in Cuba. I am presently preparing a tour in Europe and Asia.

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